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Monday, April 7, 2014


Nifty opened near PDC and tried to move up. IR formed. Avoided shorting below IRL as PDL was near. Short on BPB of PDL. TP at BRN. Then got trapped twice. On a BPB long and BOF short.First trade scratched and second one stopped out. Then another long on a TRAP . TP at PDL.


  1. Hi ST

    Shorted as FTC below first candle high.
    TP at support zone 6710.
    Was it the way to go?

    Plz Click here


  2. Hi ST

    Today's trades

    Avoided your second and fourth trade. Reason to avoid fourth was that BO and BOF of range high failed.


  3. Hi ST,

    I took same BPB, but different BOF of BRN.
    My thinking- BRN was tested twice & was able to stop the downfall & then FTC happened. The big move of more than 50 Pt was over for the day. Although Range high was just above, but a steep downfall was hinting addition of fresh Shorts whose SL should be above range high.
    so Just wanted to know, why you didn't take that BOF.. Am i missing anything :(

    Deven Malhotra

  4. Sir,
    Here is my trade which Mr.TBP told me to is all my trade which i done today..all trade on single lot..all the trade on morning session bcos afternoon i need to go to my relative house for basanti puja..also i crossed my daily target..
    here is link..
    Thank u...

  5. TBP

    You can do it provided you are prepared to face a bounce from IRL. Involves more risk as the bias was up that time


  6. URD

    You could have attempted the last one. Pattern failure+Trap
    First one. Usually I do not look at previous day MSP. So Have no idea about the success rate


  7. Deven

    What you have done is correct.Actually I was thinking to go long but hesitated. I felt the BOF did not penetrate the area enough and may range for a while.
    BRN 6700 was also NS RN 6650. 50 point premium that time. Even a blind touch trade can be attempted there


  8. @ SENTU ....WOW ....your all trades are fabulous .....

    how u have select stock for intraday trading ...?

    any specific criteria for that ..cause of all the stock u traded have good UP/DOWN in morning session .
    i request to u post chart every day .

    thank you

    @ ST
    sir i am following CRUDE OIL and COPPER . can i post chart here ..cause of i am just learning and if any mistake ..then all people here correct me ..

    thank you

  9. Vishal

    Start a blog and post your daily trades there. Then you can post the chart link here. It will serve as a trading journal you can refer later


  10. Hi SENTU,

    The trades u posted here are extremely good, i have some questions for u.
    1. how many open positions at a time..?
    2. what is the SL for each trade & R:R...?


  11. Hi ST

    @ Sentu

    Nice trades Sentu
    I would suggest dont trade so many intruments.
    concentrate only on one.

    My personal opinion

    Thanks for sharing


  12. HI ST,
    My trades

    Focusing mostly on BOF s only for the time bring ..Took the last long being a trap


  13. Hi vishal,
    About ur query,i never selected any stock before night..i closely follow yes bk,r cap,tm,indusind bk,adani,r infra,ranbaxy..which generate very good volume..also on my nest platform i can operate 5 chart on single time..
    so,what i do i write down OHLC on my notebook..after 09.07 am market close chk there position..and after that from 09.14 am 09.20am i need to chk IR ,and after that trade space and r:r ratio and in between that time i need to enter..
    yeah in morning first 10 min its very hectic..but when i started i just trade one stock and afterthat i increase give me edge that i dont need to enter on low r:r ratio..bcos in between 7, one stock definetly having some good time..thank u..

  14. hi Ravi,
    With my margin i can trade 5 midcap future lot in single time..but i never buy 2 lot for single stock..and i never entered on 5 stock in single i miss r cap ..which i can short..but i m in busy with all other trade..
    And abt SL sir only taught where to put stoploss..i regularly asked where i need to put stoploss..then sir write a blog on stoploss..and phantom of pit book there is a line written "reason for your entry is no longer valid,"u leave market no matter what..
    Thank u..

  15. Hi TBP,
    Thanks for ur opinion ..
    Sir thank u for give me this platform..and lot of thanks for what u have done for me..ur concept that gave me edge.. thank u sir..

  16. Hi ST,

    I want to share one info it might helpful. Usually i trade with laptop for change i tried double monitor for purpose of watching chart in one monitor and other for terminal. it gave quick execution in handing terminal.


  17. Hi ST,

    In the chart, If i entered in 16 candle as FTC on short side to capture 10 points FTA is RN. I will capture the entire trend. My analyse is correct? or correct me if i am wrong.


  18. Suresh

    In hindsight everything look good and it is very easy to identify trades.
    I can't and I won't take an FTC here with so many prominent levels below.PDC,DO,IRL, RN and PDL.

    Even the BPB trade, I was not confident after a straight 35 point fall.



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