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Monday, August 19, 2013


Nifty opened below PDL and fell another 100 points.Did not attempt any trades. All the signals ( BOF of IRL, BPB of IRL , BOF of Range Low, BPB of BRN ) were trades into DPs or strong Flips.


  1. hi
    I find your blog very informative. I have good success for BPB type of trades.
    I have two queries
    1. for the BPB trade when do you take the trade once the entry point candle is completed or when it is being formed?
    2. I don't understand what is the exact entry point for BOF. also I find so many BOF's but how to find out the significant one?

  2. jey

    Usually I wait for a formation at the DP like a small swing point and enter on its break
    I look for the "SCORE" to decide on a trade



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