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Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Nifty opened within previous day range and could not go above DO. Suspected some absorption there  and shorted below the swing low even though PDC was very close. Went long on LOL of PDC/PDL. TP at BRN. Did not attempt  any other trade as I was scared to trade around BRN (NS&NF) near expiry.There could be so many whipsaws.


  1. Good evening sir,
    today i went long on 10.25 AM candle with a stop of 5748 with trigger of 5749,and stploss hit and that was lowest price of the day(5748.80) :(
    again went long at 11 AM candle,recovered losses :)
    felt like sharing this with you and your readers.,
    thank you

  2. Vishal

    But I could not follow your entries
    Are you trading 5M bars ?


  3. No sir,i traded with 3 mins candles only,but while commenting unknowingly refered 5 min bars,my mistake,it was 10.21 candle first,later 11.00 AM candle.,

  4. Vishal

    Always pay attention to FTA.
    Be very careful when going counter trend


  5. Ahh at last came here ..ST da's blog :)
    Thanks augubhai for pointing this thread...
    am alsways feeled ST sir as my guru...he helped me a lot....Thanks for all DA :)

  6. VJAY

    I am afraid you are mistaken. I think you are referring to smart_trade, the moderator of Traderji forum.He is a great trader and teacher.I am no where near him.

    Let me do some guess work. You are from Kerala and put up somewhere near Kunnamkulam and I think you were in middle east before. Am I right ?



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