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Thursday, July 26, 2012


Nifty opened within previous day closing range and sold. Cracked the Initial Range low and BRN 5100.The bias was clearly down. It made a Barbed Wire around the BRN .Went short when the second test of IR low failed. Covered the shorts on the BOF of Range Low.A scratch trade ( There was no need to exit here. Being expiry. I was too cautious and messed it).BPB of PDL gave another short on which I made some money.Final move was clearly a VWAP run .Being expiry day , I was expecting a lot of chop and drama. Nothing happened. A clear down trend day.


  1. Sir...for ist day of next series..values of PDL and PDH sud b of August values or july values..
    Sir..even i closed with 15 points..expecting volatility..:)

  2. @bizagra
    I am using I charts and they are only giving current month live charts. In fact I do not know which levels they are taking


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